Jakub Šmíd, founder, art director

Inspired by illustrations of great Czech, Polish and Russian artists and classic sci-fi novelists. In 2009 he founded a successful studio Craneballs that developed 15 mobile and PC games over the course of 12 years. Includes the popular Overkill series that amassed millions of downloads.

Jakub Vlk, co-founder, lead programmer

Began working on games in Craneballs while completing his master’s degree in computer science. His resumé includes six mobile titles, including the Overkill series and a PC sandbox survival and crafting game Planet Nomads. His responsible and precise approach to problem solving makes our crazy ideas come true.

Kamil Polko, co-founder, narrative designer

Max Payne changed his life. Professional journalist for five years. Fully devoured by games ever since. Developed narrative for Planet Nomads. Design lead on an amazing secret project. Believes that games should constantly push forward to become more and more meaningful.